Connecticut DEEP Lean Journey Success with Commissioner Robert Klee

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Robert Klee sits down with Gemba Academy’s Ron Pereira to learn about the history of Lean in his organization,

Over 80 week-long kaizen events have been completed, and over half of the staff have taken Lean training or been involved in a lean event, helping to build a culture of engagement and improvement. They’ve adopted a “Check Lean” approach to go back to past events and revisit other opportunities for improvement.

He discusses challenges they have worked through over the years, how they work with the Office of Policy and Management, and gives guidance for other commissioners considering a lean journey.

He also highlights work done to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, increase stock and logistics in the fish hatchery, streamlining underground storage tank and dock inspection, and taking employee ideas to change laws, policies, regulation and statutes.

You can watch the 20-minute video called “Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Klee” at