Lean Six Sigma for Good

Using your improvement skills for social good. Humanitarian engineering, social services engineering, skills based volunteering, sustainable engineering

Nonprofits Focused On Lean and Six Sigma for Good

The following organizations are working to teach, coach and mentor process improvement methods like Lean and Six Sigma into the community.

Check out each organization and support them financially if you can.

Community Excellence Alliance (CEA)

CEA provides effective problem solving and project management skills through improvement projects to other nonprofits in the Jacksonville, Florida area. They work in partnership the University of North Florida (UNF) and local consultants.
James P. Womack Scholarship & Philanthropy Fund (JPW Fund)

Fund creative learning experiences in partnership with schools teaching lean thinking and community-based service organizations willing to provide Gemba-based learning and improvement opportunities.​
Center for Quality People & Organizations

Their program offers teaching techniques for teachers to encourage classroom interaction promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills in the Scott County School System, where the Toyota Georgetown (TMMK) facility is located.
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