Measuring The Wrong Things The Wrong Way in the Social Sector – The Stand Together Podcast

In this podcast, Evan Feinberg and Dr. Todd Rose unpack some of the broken paradigms that exist in philanthropy and exploring some necessary shifts in that vision. They discuss the science of individuality, and assumptions that the average is a real thing that represents most people, when in fact it doesn’t represent anyone. What if […]

Lean was made for Nonprofits – Lauren Wisniewski

Lauren Wisniewski is a Lean Process Facilitator for the State of Michigan and the founder of Rise Consulting Company. She wrote an article in 2021 about explaining the key attributes inherent to the nonprofit sector culture that make it easy to adopt and practice Lean methods and thinking. Read the entire article at

Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Racism Podcast – The Edges of Lean

Root causes of racism and the problems in the world for which racism appears to be a root cause are now hot topics in the continuous improvement community. Deondra Wardelle and Mark Graban join host Bella Englebach to share the story of #RootCauseRacism and how it got started. Listen to the podcast at:

Process Improvement in Government Using Lean Six Sigma –

Ken Maynard presented a webinar with He discusses the challenges in the current state, and how Lean Six Sigma in government differs from business. He walks you through the steps of creating a “Money Machine” within your government organization by treating projects as strategic financial assets. Learn more at

Lean in Lean Thinkers to Root Out Racial Inequity

Christopher Chapman, Senior Lean Transformation Coach, calls on lean thinkers to leverage our skills to eradicate the waste of racism in our businesses, worker lives, their families, their community and society. Lean thinkers: We have plenty of experience using humble inquiry and other problem-solving tools to root-out non-valued-activities in our organizations. Now we need to […]

A lean view on racism

Racism, inclusion and discrimination is not a problem many lean thinkers are called to tackle in their daily lives at work, but that doesn’t mean that Lean Thinking has nothing to say about it. Roberto Priolo interviews Michael Balle, co-founder of the Institut Lean France, and is asked numerous questions, including: If we look at […]