Rapid Improvement Event Coaching Program

Have you heard about kaizen events?

Check out our free download, Leading Improvements for Social Good to read about 5 examples of kaizen events that helped improve society.

  • Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) New Applicant Mental Health Counselor Kaizen Event
  • Department of Corrections (DOC) & Iowa Board of Parole (IBOP) Re-entry & Release Planning Process Kaizen Event
  • Toyota Consultants Help New York Food Bank Distribute Meals After Hurricane Sandy
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Kaizen Event Reduces Time For Staff
  • Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) Electronic Filing System Process Kaizen Event

Want to learn how to facilitate kaizen events and increase visibility within your organization? Contact us for more details about a training and coaching program with different levels of support based on your needs.

Want to learn more about kaizen events?

Check out this Kaizen Event workshop video from a few years ago…

You can also watch videos about the many successful kaizen events conducted at the State of Connecticut around 2016 in different agencies and types of processes.

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If you’d like us to guide you step-by-step through the kaizen facilitation process, help your team complete the training and their certification projects, or conduct the kaizen event for you, consider our Lean Six Sigma group coaching program.

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