Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1) – Real-life stories and experiences written by Lean and Six Sigma volunteers working with not-for-profit organizations

This is a collection of real-life experiences and stories from those who have spent time at the “gemba.” They have generously offered to write a chapter about lessons learned and tools they have applied. A great book to share with potential volunteers, or nonprofits wanting to learn more about Lean or Six Sigma applied to their organizations.

After writing the first book about why Lean and Six Sigma practitioners should volunteer their skills to help nonprofits, I wanted to give more tangible and real-life examples of how these tools and techniques can be applied.

I’ve reached out to friends and colleagues who are already volunteering their time, and asked them to write a chapter for this first volume, called “Lessons From the Gemba.”

Each author has agreed to donate 100% of any donations or book proceeds to the nonprofit of their choice. The proceeds will be split evenly based on when the book was sold, and how many chapters were in the book. If you know someone who would like to contribute, please have them contact us.

Listen to a free chapter, or download the PDF at http://leansixsigmaenvironment.org/index.php/ec-039-applying-lean-six-sigma-to-a-nonprofit-fundraiser-conference/

Table of Contents

Here is a 5 minute excerpt from the audiobook version of the book from Brion Hurley, discussing his use of process improvement to a fundraiser conference

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