Wisconsin organizations collaborate to reduce poverty using continuous improvement

Poverty Outcomes Improvement Network Team (POINT) is a first-time, regional driven, initiative focusing on introducing continuous improvement methodology to nonprofits so that they can learn the tools and apply them to their systems and processes in order to accelerate change, improve outcomes and ultimately reduce poverty in Northeast Wisconsin.

It was an 18-month initiative, funded by the Basic Needs Giving Partnership, to equip Northeast Wisconsin with continuous improvement methodologies focused on poverty.

More than 100 nonprofits throughout Northeast Wisconsin have joined together in 84 improvement teams to learn and apply these new tools and methodologies to address the complex issues surrounding poverty. This is the first of its kind regional approach to poverty where the communities of Green Bay, Fox Cities & Oshkosh will be working towards the same aims and indicators of progress.

POINT will use the results of the processes to strengthen existing poverty reduction efforts, address service gaps, and measure progress on reducing poverty in the region.

Watch some summary videos of the initiative below…