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Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Simplifies and Streamlines their Licensing Procedure

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In Washington, everyone who applies for a liquor license must complete a final briefing before getting the license. These briefings consisted of lengthy online slide presentations up to 20 to 80 pages, would take 30–90 minutes to watch one, and the online presentations would freeze halfway through. The cumbersome process led to many customer complaints and frustrated staff.

After pulling in key stakeholders and surveying applicants, the improvement team was able to condense the licensing information into just two YouTube-style videos. Applicants would have to watch only one nine-minute-long video.

The results from this major improvement:

  •  Calls from customers frustrated with the process dropped from about 150 a month to virtually none.
  • The extra time saved freed up a staffer to help out with additional work related to the agency’s regulation of marijuana
  • The team also automated the signature process, so applicants can electronically sign and submit the form online after they watch the video
  • The process works so well that the agency is considering expanding it to other agency business

Read the entire article at https://results.wa.gov/lean/results-washington-case-studies/wslcb

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