Using Lean to Answer Marijuana Questions from Denver Citizens

Netia Ingram serves as the citywide marijuana management analyst in Denver, Colorado. Netia worked across departments to analyze call data from 311 about citizen marijuana questions. The questions were complex and controversial in nature and left employees and callers feeling overwhelmed.

Netia pulled data on the questions being asked and worked with many departments and agencies to update 311 scripts on marijuana. She also looked at data from licensing technicians on new and modified marijuana business applications to uncover common errors. Afterwards, Netia partnered with each licensing technician to go over their individual errors and provided training tailored to each individual.

The results from her successful work:

  • Technicians expressed appreciation for the intensive one-on-one training sessions
  • The overall error rate dropped from 25% percent to 4% and
  • First call resolution for marijuana information questions went from 19% to 92%

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