University of South Carolina’s Project for Improving the Hiring Process

The hiring starts with the HR Contacts in the Colleges and Departments – when they initiate an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) hire by submitting a hiring packet. It can be a complicated process with many steps.

Leadership chartered a team to streamline the hiring process and implemented some of the following improvement processes:

  • Simplifying by half: The new workflow has 54 steps – compared to 104 steps (staff hire) and 119 steps (faculty) currently.
  • No more circling back:Loopbacks (to get or fix needed inputs) will be nearly eliminated – from 9-10 to 2 on average.
  • Moving twice as fast:The new process will go from start to finish in 4-5 days, compared to the cur- rent average of 10 days.
  • Doing it right the first time:A faster process, fewer salary overrides, and fewer off-cycle paycheck requests will increase customer satisfaction.

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