University of South Carolina’s Project for Benefits Enrollment Process

Employee benefits (everything from insurance to retirement) are one of the most valuable assets offered to new hires, so this is a high-priority process. It’s also an important first impression, because the benefits enrollment process is one of the first big interactions that new employees have with their new employer.

The leadership team at the university mapped the current process, pinpointed inefficiencies, and developed a future-state process with the following high-impact improvements:

  • Making it simpler: The new approach has 44 fewer steps – it streamlines the process from 100 to 56 steps. (44% reduction)
  • Serving people faster: When the improvements are in place, the process is expected to move 12 days faster, averaging 20 days vs. 32 days. (38% reduction)
  • Using time wisely: The leaner process will free up an estimated 1,073 staff hours yearly for value-adding work.
  • Ending the paper chase: The new process will be virtually paperless, eliminating 2,800 pages per year by using electronic files instead.

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