UC San Diego’s Continuous Improvement Journey – Process Palooza 2021

This session from Process Palooza 2021 showcases everything they’ve done to make continuous improvement a core component of operations at UC San Diego.

They developed an adaptive, science-driven, behaviorally informed model that integrated daily innovation cycles that allowed them to “mutate our campus operations faster than the virus.”  Their comprehensive approach is called “Return to Learn” and was discussed in a panel discussion with the following leaders:

  • Will Ford, Director, Project Management Office, UC San Diego Health
  • Natasha Martin, D.Phil., Associate Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego
  • Bob Neuhard, Executive Director, Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives, UC San Diego
  • Dean Pham, Director, Ambulatory Clinical Systems, UC San Diego Health 
  • Angela Scioscia, M.D., Interim Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness, UC San Diego

They also discuss a case study at the UC Sand Diego Health called “Happy Hands Sparkle,” and their journey of discovery and learning as they implemented seemingly simple steps and realized profound outcomes.

At the end, the Great LSS Race Show and Tell talks with Greg Nishihira from Fleet Services about how his department streamlined processes and benefited following the 2018 event.

Learn more about the event at https://processpalooza.ucsd.edu/process-palooza-21/18-may.html#Featured-Panel