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Toyota streamlines the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Concerts

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Each season more than 18,000 students attend the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Young People’s Concerts; which translates to coordinating and scheduling approximately 50 school buses, street closures, managing weather complications.

CSO invited Toyota to help ensure students’ safety; reduce student dismissal time and maximize the overall experience of students and volunteers.

Improvements made:

  • First: reduced batch sizes of buses leaving and orchestrating 1 by 1 continuous flow of students from hall seats to buses;
  • Second: provided clear, concise and timely information to schools ahead of each performance which meant less ‘processing’ wait time at time of departure; 
  • Third: developed a bus numbering & parking system that directs dismissal sequence; helping reduce wait time outside Music Hall.  Allowed continuous flow of school buses once loaded;
  • Fourth: standardized work.  They standardized the arrival and dismissal process, communicated the new process with schools and developed a visual management system for bus parking.

These improvements resulted in having dismissal time reduced from 60 minutes to 24, a 60% reduction — and producing 100% customer satisfaction.

Read the entire article at https://www.tssc.com/projects/nfp-cso.php

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