Toyota shares its ‘secret sauce’ to help D-FW nonprofits do more

Toyota’s North American headquarters in Plano has a small group of dedicated improvement professionals with a specific set of skills. Their role is to share Toyota’s “secret sauce” with society, which is their Toyota Production System. The Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC) is a 16-person team that shares Toyota’s culture of empowering employees to be highly engaged problem solvers.

TSSC collaborates with nonprofits, business and governments, helping them become more productive, maximize available resources, and improve quality and safety, among other goals. The group has also helped nonprofit organizations find ways to build more homes for displaced citizens, improve health care systems, feed more people in need and assist communities across the country.

The rest of the article shares some successes with Children’s Medical Center Dallas, St. Bernard Project (SBP) and North Texas Food Bank.

“Donating to nonprofits to help them achieve their mission is important. However, sharing our greatest asset — our people and their know-how — can often have a greater and longer-sustaining impact,” Goss says. “When our clients take what they’ve learned from us, use it to continuously improve their own organization and then share it with others — that’s the true secret sauce.”

Read the entire article, which includes videos from each nonprofit highlighted