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Toyota leader asks more to provide work for disabled

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Non-profit organization Lex-Pro arranges work for people with disabilities. One of Toyota’s top executives appealed to Lexington business leaders Friday, asking them to offer not money but work to Lex-Pro.

In January, Toyota setup a work cell inside their plant for Lex-Pro workers to perform sub-assembly work on exhaust brackets. An 11-person team rotates in five at a time. Their work is checked by assembly-line workers.

Instrumental in arranging that partnership was Toyota employee and Lex-Pro volunteer Tim Turner. It probably would have been easier for Toyota to donate money to Lex-Pro, but “that’s not what they want,” Turner said of Lex-Pro. “They want to work, and that’s what we did.”

It’s also been a way for Toyota to help a non-profit — that is, without just writing a check, a common move for the company that declined with the onset of the recession.

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