Toyota brings logistics know-how to the Houston Food Bank

Toyota’s Production System Support Center implemented logistics improvements at the Houston Food Bank that cost little to no money and resulted in production improvements. Some of the accomplishments of the partnership include:

  • A new standardized work chart to organize volunteer hours and expectations for certain projects.
  • Donated food is also used to fill backpacks that are given to local schools. 100% of the food used to be newly purchased, now 60 percent of the food in the backpacks is donated. This has saved the Food Bank $900,000 for its 2013 fiscal year.
  • Changes made to the frozen-food sorting section allowed the amount of frozen meat volunteers could sort to skyrocket from 500 pounds an hour to 4,200 pounds an hour.
  • It used to take eight volunteers to sort the 500 pounds, now it only takes five volunteers to sort the 4,200 pounds of donated frozen meat.
  • With the saved time, volunteers have been able to work on a new projects.

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