The Power of Lean Data

Ziqitza Health Care Limited, a social enterprise in India that provides ambulance services, aims to make those services accessible to all segments of society. But for the first 10 years of its history, Ziqitza lacked reliable data on who its customers were and on whether it was reaching the poorest people in its areas of operation.

The Ziqitza survey project was launched to use lean to gather the needed data. The approach they used incorporated two main features:

  1. a shift in mindset away from reporting and compliance and toward creating value for a company and its customers;
  2. the use of methods and technologies for data collection that favor efficiency and speed while maintaining rigor.

Lean data offers a way to increase accountability between an enterprise and its target customers. It also allows an enterprise to move beyond proving what worked (or didn’t work) in the past so that it can focus on improving its impact right away.

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