Measuring Impact Data Using Surveys and Mobile Phones

What is LeanData? Check out this short video

For years, the complex and costly nature of impact measurement has kept many social enterprises and nonprofits from doing it, or doing it well.

Few investors or entrepreneurs seek to understand, in a deep way, how customers experience the goods or services that an enterprise provides, and therefore, there is little information on whether social enterprises are reaching those who most need their goods or services.

This new data collection approach has been aided in two ways:

  • Growth of mobile phones to communicate quickly and directly with customers even in remote rural areas.
  • Growth of customer feedback tools to collect meaningful data with limited demands on customers’ time and attention

Acumen highlights some recent projects that incorporate lean design principles to show that it’s possible to gather high-quality impact data quickly and inexpensively.

  • Burn – Cookstove sales in Kenya
  • Edubridge – Vocational training in India
  • KZ Noir – Coffee processing in Rwanda
  • SolarNow – Solar energy systems in Uganda
  • Ziqitza Health Care – Ambulance services in India

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