The Office of Medical Examiner Case File Project

The Office of The Medical Examiner (OME) in the City & County of Denver, felt their case file process could improve and deliver more value to its customers more efficiently.

Using tools of continuous improvement, the OME identified over eleven ways to improve their cumbersome processes. For example:
– Streamline the process of locating archived case files.
– Repurpose computer equipment from around the office and city
– Sign transfers of jurisdiction with e-signatures, instead of the traditional wet signature, in order to save clerical time and resources (e.g. paper).

These innovations are expected to save the OME:
– $2,313.43 per year in hard savings
– $311,314 per year in soft savings 
– Millions in customer wait time

Improvements seldom happen overnight, but they have a great and lasting impact on the customers and enterprises alike. When we fix what bugs us, we have less bugs.

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