The City of Germantown commits to their mission of Excellence Every Day

The City of Germantown, in the state of Tennessee, has one mission—Excellence, Every day. The City’s key product offerings include education, economic development, public safety, sanitation, and utilities (water and sewer).

Germantown’s commitment to the community is demonstrated through various training and educational events such as:

  • 43 active-shooter-scenario-training events
  • Five Safety City events
  • Heart Saver training for nearly 6,000 people
  • Periodic Police Academy training for citizens
  • A recycling campaign

They have also used Process Efficiency methods to gain effective results within their police department:

  • Police emergency response time has improved from 4.5 minutes to just over 2 minutes
  • Police non-emergency response time improved from 5 minutes in just over 4 minutes
  • 911 calls have been answered in less than 10 seconds almost 100% of the time

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