The Application of Pull vs Push for Education

Tony Lamberton, CEO, The Learning Trust and Kate Unsworth, Principal at Christleton International Studio shares how they have applied lean management to education, and how their lean school aims higher, trying to rethink learning altogether.

The Christleton Learning Trust wanted to change from “manufacturing” children for life (push model) to focusing on developing their talent (pull model).  

They decided to start fresh and opened a new government-approved and sponsored Free School. This fresh start enabled them to run lean learning experiments in a fertile environment and see what was possible.  

The school offers opportunities for improvement of the learning experience and investment in value-adding work, with full job security for staff. The result is an innovative paperless school working in a completely different way.

One of the most critical lessons they have learned is that using lean management within an International Baccalaureate context creates no problem. Combining the two creates and strengthens the natural links between subjects and ensures that students and all members of a team view themselves as being responsible across the school and curriculum.

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