Taking the ‘lean startup’ approach to Kenya and beyond

“Lean Startup is about creating a new institution in extreme conditions of chaos and uncertainty,” Rocio Perez Ochoa, who presented on her work with women’s groups in Western Kenya at the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco, California, told Devex. “Anything you want to do in a new market is by definition a startup. And how more uncertain can you get than a market that doesn’t exist? I can’t find a better definition of uncertainty and chaos.”

Bidhaa Sasa, which develops distribution channels to deliver products to families in rural Kenya, is built around Lean Startup principles like eliminating uncertainty, working smarter not harder, and developing a minimum viable product. Perez Ochoa spoke with Devex about applications for and limitations of this methodology in developing countries. Here are her tips for other social entrepreneurs.

  1. Know the limits of the Lean Startup approach
  2. Design businesses around customers instead of products
  3. Pursue quick rounds of experimentation

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