Lean Applied at Reykjavik Iceland City Government Sports and Leisure Department

The sports and leisure department of Reykjavik City Government has used targeted lean training starting in 2018 to empower employees and boost collaboration in a divided workplace with different processes. Gudrun Palina Jonsdottir from the city’s family park and zoo joins Jóhanna Gardarsdottir to share their lean experiences. You can watch the video below, or […]

Facilitating Rapid Improvement Events with Paddy O’Brien – Lean Portland Happy Hour

Sheilah “Paddy” O’Brien recently finished writing her latest book, “Facilitating Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPI), a Self-Study Guide for Lean Leaders.” This is a follow-on to her first book, “Lean for the Nonprofit, What You Don’t Know Can Cost You.” She briefly outlines the content of her book(s), and, through a casual interview format, share her […]

San Diego Zoo Scientists Bring Ecosystems Back to Stave Off Extinctions

In the fight against extinction, conservation scientists must assess hundreds of complex ecological and behavioral variables to gain essential insight into habitat attrition and population dynamics.  Use JMP® to run multiple survival analyses and build statistical models that help researchers to identify the best adaptive management strategy for at-risk species. Several formerly declining species are now […]