Reducing Wastewater Division Procurement Lead Time by 20 Days in King County

Kara Cuzzetto is a Lean Specialist at King County and previously worked in Healthcare where she became Lean certified. The Wastewater Division process for Procurement Contracts took over 300 days to complete and team members didn’t fully understand the entire process. The team performed a Gemba Walk, created a Process Map which allowed them to understand the whole […]

Region of Peel Remains Committed to Continuous Improvement

The Region of Peel (Ontario, Canada) continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing services that are effective and efficient, which provide value for the residents’ tax dollars. This commitment ensures that the Region remains innovative in order to improve community outcomes. The Region developed a Continuous Improvement Program to ensure client needs and user experiences […]

Vermont Conducts Lean Event to Streamline Indirect Water Discharge Compliance Reporting

State of Vermont was looking to streamline the process for compliance to Indirect Discharge Program reports. Monthly or quarterly compliance data is required to be submitted for individual permits. Reports are processed twice: one time for compliance with permit conditions and second time for administrative presence/absence. The program consists of one compliance staff person and […]

Vermont Tactical Basin Planning Process Conducts Lean Event

To promote greater predictability of project effectiveness the process of identifying, developing and prioritizing projects for Tactical Basin Planning (TBP) funding needed to be improved. In addition, they wanted to provide better information-sharing with the public and stakeholders. ​   The team uses integrated watershed assessment information to understand water quality conditions and identify appropriate […]