Business Process Redesign in Washington

Washington realized that the previous business model for determining eligibility and managing public assistance caseloads was not designed to handle the pressures presented by double digit increases in workload and devastating staffing reductions. The new processes focused on freeing up administrative capacity and improving quality by streamlining the most important eligibility practices and processes: initial […]

10 Lessons For Leading Government Transformation by Peter Hutchinson

Peter Hutchinson, managing director of Accenture’s public services strategy, was a keynote presenter at the 5th annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference. The conference, hosted by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s Results Washington team, annually draws about 2,000 people to discuss efforts and strategies to continuously improve government services and outcomes. This 10 part video […]

Lean helps governments become more effective and efficient

Applying lean to government is a movement in its early stages. Lean thinking applied to public service processes can help deliver more value to customers, namely citizens. Lean management makes work processes better so government becomes more effective and efficient. That means government should engage all public servants in lean thinking and practice to tap their creativity […]