Algonquin College Applies Lean to their Recruitment through Registration Process

Algonquin College chose their Recruitment through Registration process as their first Lean project. It was a cross-departmental process that created value for their clients from the moment they showed interest in the College until they registered as students.  The college started the project by using the Enterprise Value Stream Mapping™ Tool.  The key elements of […]

The path to a learning organization in Uganda begins with visual management

Lean IT experts Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell provided some pro-bono work to help the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Grameen Foundation in Uganda scale a successful innovation to other developing countries in Africa. The innovation was called the Community Knowledge Worker Program (CKW), and it involved hiring locals with knowledge of farming and customs, and […]

Increasing Audit Processing Time by 68%

Due to the rapid growth of their organization, Lynne and her process improvement team sought to increase the work done in the amount of another person without being to be able to hire for said person. After initial research, Emmons found: The team was currently doing about 283 different deliverables – ranging from audits, licensing, meeting, […]