Department of Corrections Offender Identification Process Reduces Errors

Processing an offender in the State of Connecticut from intake, booking, recording, transferring, procurement through discharge was filled with numerous errors and potential risks. A kaizen event team was put together a process map to visualize the waste and opportunities. They identified a future and ideal state. Actions include collaboration with Department of Motor Vehicles […]

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Streamlines Business Licensing Processes

Starting in 2015, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection conducted Lean projects focused on business licensing processes. Improved real estate school approval process from paper-based to digital Reduced food manufacturer inspection time Reduced home improvement registration application for contractors from 8 weeks to 2 weeks Streamline charity application process to focus on paid solicitor employment […]

Travel Process Digitized to Save Time and Reduce Errors for Connecticut State Employees

The original process for auditors and field examiners to get travel authorized and reimbursed was entirely paper-based and required multiple documents to be filled out. Through their Lean improvements, they created an Excel file that would populate a database and then create the forms electronically. This helped make the process less labor-intensive and reduced the […]