SFMTA Transit Improves the Examination Process for Operator Candidates

The Transit Operator Exam administration process at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was labor intensive, time-consuming, error-prone, and created duplicative work. Delays in exam administration result in longer hiring times, which can contribute to unfilled Transit Operator training classes which can lead to not meeting their planned service hour targets, resulting in transit […]

Improving the Work Order Submission Process at Recreation & Parks

A team of tradespeople at the Structural Maintenance Yard (SMY) work hard to fix anything broken or malfunctioning within San Francisco’s park and recreation centers. 60% of work orders submitted to the tradespeople include incomplete or inaccurate information. They don’t have enough information to do the repair without doing extra research via phone calls, emails, […]

Improving Workflow and Space Organization in the Recreation & Parks Electrical Shop

The Structural Maintenance Yard’s (SMY) electrical shop is one of San Francisco’s parks and recreation centers. Electricians had a hard time finding the materials they needed to do their work because materials were placed haphazardly and lacked identifiable labeling. This disorganization also led to over and under-stock issues. Over a series of several rapid improvement […]

Improving Blueprint Review for San Francisco Parks and Recreation Centers

The City of San Francisco wanted to change how it reviews blueprints and building plans for its recreation centers. The Structural Maintenance Yard (SMY) and Capital Divisions did not consistently incorporate feedback about blueprints into revisions, resulting in hidden construction, maintenance issues and potential construction issues going unreported. The Capital and SMY Divisions convened for […]

Improving the Panel Evaluation Process for Professional Services Contracting

In the city of San Francisco, Central Contracts is responsible for managing the panel evaluation process for professional services contracting for the Controller’s Office. The process was time-consuming, labor intensive and lead to delays in executing contracts. Central Contracts worked with the City Performance Lean Team to develop improved standard score sheets and more efficient […]

San Francisco’s Recreation & Parks Department Reorganizes their Maintenance Yard

The Recreation & Parks Department’s Structural Maintenance Yard (SMY) is in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The SMY had accumulated many unwanted and outdated items that clutter the valuable storage and working spaces, including broken equipment, unused supplies, and scrap materials. The project team used “fishbone” diagrams and spaghetti maps to analyze the root causes […]

Improving Muni Customer Service feedback

Staff from the Transit and Muni Customer Service (MCS) divisions of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) embarked on a journey to improve the process by which it responds to employee-related feedback. Over a series of four rapid improvement meetings, the project team improved the process by: Creating standard guidelines for processing key types of […]