Using Kaizen Events to Understand the Complex and Unique Challenges of the Public Sector with Isaac Hughley

Isaac Hughley, Process Improvement Specialist with the Indiana Department of Revenue presented at the monthly Indianapolis ASQ section meeting in September 2021. He discussed how kaizen events can be used in the public sector to address complex and unique challenges (especially during a pandemic). He shares an example of a kaizen event in which the […]

Using Lean and Six Sigma in Portland to Help the Environment and Nonprofits

by Brion Hurley Lean Six Sigma consultant Brion Hurley is interviewed by Luke Andersen from the radio show, Northwest Business. He discusses applying improvement concepts beyond saving money or growing a business. He focuses on his work to help organizations achieve environmental sustainability, and his work with Lean Portland to help nonprofits provide more value, and achieve their mission more […]

Lean helps governments become more effective and efficient

Applying lean to government is a movement in its early stages. Lean thinking applied to public service processes can help deliver more value to customers, namely citizens. Lean management makes work processes better so government becomes more effective and efficient. That means government should engage all public servants in lean thinking and practice to tap their creativity […]