Colorado DOT Shares Concept to Project (C2P) Improvement System

At the 2020 Colorado Lean Network virtual conference, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) discussed their Concept to Project (C2P) approach. They first assessed the current state of CDOT projects, and found over 200 projects, most without project charters or business cases. They started by establishing a project charter template, vetting process and funding process. […]

Reducing Late Approvals by 81% at UC Davis

Kymberly Epperson and Darlene Schlueter set out to streamline the food event registration process at UC San Diego to ensure campus compliance, food safety and higher customer satisfaction. After research, Kymberly and Darlene found: Users reporting the online registration system to be complex and burdensome, impacting the customer experience. Big dining events, or barbecues are required […]

Improving Grant Submission Cycle Time by an Entire Week at Cape Cod Child Development – GoLeanSixSigma

Cape Cod Child Development in Cape Cod, MA is a trailblazer in applying Lean Six Sigma to the nonprofit world. Grants are being completed 90 percent of the time within 24 hours of the due date, giving the grant writer minimal time to review. This impacts the efficiencies within the process which could potentially result in […]