Easing Election Day delays through industrial and systems engineering – Problem Solved Podcast

An interview about research done by IISE members Laura Albert of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Gretchen Macht at the University of Rhode Island on efforts to streamline procedures for in-person voting on Election Day to deal with https://podcast.iise.org/episodes/election-day-process-improvement-through-industrial-and-systems-engineering

Tapping the Potential of Autistic Workers – IISE Problem Solved Podcast

Conner Reinhardt and Jhillika Kumar are Industrial Engineer (IE) graduates from Georgia Tech, who are designing an app to help autistic individuals find it easier to connect with jobs and mentors. Read the case study at https://link.iise.org/isemarch2020_casestudy Listen to the podcast interview at https://podcast.iise.org/episodes/tapping-the-potential-of-autistic-workers-with-conner-reinhardt-and-jhillika-kumar

Big Data Helps Pennsylvania Prisons Assign Prisoners

A project was conducted with Industrial and Systems Engineers at Lehigh University and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. They were tasked with assigning inmates to various prison facilities. Professor Tamás Terlaky and two of his former students, Dr. Mohammad Shahabsafa and Anshul Sharma, talk with Michael Hughes about how considering all inmate needs upfront reduces […]

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