Transforming Your Community Using Lean, Adaptive Problem Solving, and Generativity with Jason Schulist – Webinar with Gemba Academy

Jason Schulist is the President of the Generative Local Community Institute (GLCI). In this webinar, he describes lean methods and approaches that can be used to address the thorniest community problems. He also discusses the concept of the Value Stream of Humanity, continuous improvement, adaptive problem solving, community problem solving, generativity, lean, and project management. […]

Colorado Lean Network Practitioners Help Metro Caring with Anti-Hunger Program

Metro Caring is Denver’s front-line anti-hunger organization through poverty reduction. Those in need can choose from an array of nutritious foods based on their dietary needs and preferences, and leave with a week’s supply of groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean protein. They agreed to collaborate with members from the […]

Wisconsin organizations collaborate to reduce poverty using continuous improvement

Poverty Outcomes Improvement Network Team (POINT) is a first-time, regional driven, initiative focusing on introducing continuous improvement methodology to nonprofits so that they can learn the tools and apply them to their systems and processes in order to accelerate change, improve outcomes and ultimately reduce poverty in Northeast Wisconsin. It was an 18-month initiative, funded […]

Using Quality Improvement Methods to Combat Poverty: Northeast Wisconsin’s POINT Initiative

The Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team (POINT) initiative has provided a results-oriented project showing that quality improvement methods are relevant to the work of nonprofits. The nonprofits involved in the project used quality improvement methods to understand and improve their processes, enabling them to help more people find good paying jobs, housing, and other […]

How to Address Poverty with Lean-Like Thinking – Gemba Academy Interview with Jacob Stoller and Mauricio Miller

On the Gemba Academy podcast, Ron Pereira interviews Jacob Stoller and Mauricio Miller. They look at the approach taken in California to address poverty through the Family Independence Initiative, and how a lean-like approach can be used to create real social change for those in need. They review the approach taken by Mauricio, and explain […]

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