Overcoming structural racism with lean leadership

With the recent events happening in the US with racial inequality, but things aren’t much better in Brazil. 55% of the population is non-white (“black” or “mixed-race”). Despite this, an overwhelmingly homogeneous white male majority exists in most organizations. Structural racism is a reality in Brazil and it is everyone’s responsibility to join forces with […]

A lean view on racism

Racism, inclusion and discrimination is not a problem many lean thinkers are called to tackle in their daily lives at work, but that doesn’t mean that Lean Thinking has nothing to say about it. Roberto Priolo interviews Michael Balle, co-founder of the Institut Lean France, and is asked numerous questions, including: If we look at […]

The path to a learning organization in Uganda begins with visual management

Lean IT experts Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell provided some pro-bono work to help the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Grameen Foundation in Uganda scale a successful innovation to other developing countries in Africa. The innovation was called the Community Knowledge Worker Program (CKW), and it involved hiring locals with knowledge of farming and customs, and […]

Lean thinking, better teaching

A Dutch primary school discovered how lean principles could be used to tackle an overburdening (muri) of staff in 10 of its 55 schools. Linda van Driel and Eric Steenbakkers (lean coaches) brought A3 thinking to Zaan Primair, a problem-solving method that would help them to clarify where the overburdening came from. An initial analysis […]

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