State of Connecticut Successfully Combines Lean and IT Together

In this interview with Gemba Academy, John Vittner and Alison Fisher discuss how teams must show that they have implemented Lean into the process before applying and getting funding for any information technology (IT) solutions. They made this change to help incentivize agencies to collaborate with each other, instead of “automating the waste.” By implementing […]

History of Lean in State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM) – Gemba Academy

Their history of Lean in this department went back to Total Quality Management (TQM) in the 1990’s, where they started to map out processes to identify improvement ideas. However, what was missing from TQM was the leadership commitment and employee involvement in the improvement work. There was a $7B deficit that drove the need to […]

Lean in Government at the State of Connecticut

Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy participated in Connecticut’s statewide Lean Showcase for 2016, held at the Connecticut State Capitol. He met with several of Connecticut’s officials and other state employees to discuss their governmental Lean journey and recorded interviews and sessions about LeanCT improvement projects. Links below will go to a summary article about each […]