Applying Continuous Improvement in K-12 Education in Halifax County with Dr. Eric Cunningham – JIT Cafe Podcast

Dr. Eric Cunningham is the dynamic Superintendent for Halifax County Schools in North Carolina. He’s got some inspiring insights on how to build problem solvers in education, and how he drives the use of process maps, fishbone diagrams and 5 Whys. He also discusses how to meet people where they are with process improvement. You […]

Using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to Transform Government and Nonprofits with Michael Areola

An interview with Michael Areola, who is a Product Development consultant and Agile Coach at Cenmic Management in Katy, Texas (near Houston). He uses Agile processes and frameworks to streamline development processes, increase team efficiency, drive collaboration and reduce wasted time. He worked in large organizations like SAP and Bank of America, as well as government agencies […]

Strategic Experimentation Helps Engineer Road Safety Improvements

Maryam Zahabi, an industrial engineer at North Carolina State University, uses JMP® to analyze designed experiments that gauge the effects of on-road signage and in-vehicle technologies on driver attention allocation among both civilian drivers and police officers. Visual stimuli both from inside and outside a vehicle are responsible for hundreds of distracted driving deaths each year. […]

Cary Academy Uses JMP to Optimize Admissions and Class Placement

Simon King, a statistics teacher at Cary Academy in central North Carolina, a private school for grades 6-12, decided to start using statistical software in his classroom. King believes JMP should, and could, be used in classrooms everywhere, both private and public: “JMP makes it affordable. It’s cheaper than textbooks. It’s priced ridiculously competitively. It’s […]