D.C. DHS Increases Access to SNAP and Medicaid Programs

The Government of the District of Columbia’s Department of Human Services (DHS) selected Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) to help design, develop, and deploy new practices for its human services programs in an effort to realize process efficiencies in its operations, as well as improve accuracy. C!A assessed DHS’ existing practices and redesigned the process solutions, while […]

South Carolina DHHS Improves Eligibility and Enrollment for Medicaid

South Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) decided to redesign the enrollment and eligibility determination process for all Medicaid programs administered in the state. Unnecessary interactions (from redundant customer visits, calls, and mail) were negatively impacting the agency’s ability to keep up with their work. DHHS selected Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) to help design, […]