Streamlining Capital Projects for Wastewater Treatment near Seattle

Bill Wilbert has worked for the King County Wastewater Treatment Division for 17 years. He’s an Environmental Programs Supervisor for the division and manages the permitting and regulatory compliance workforce. Sandy Kilroy was the Assistant Director for the King County Wastewater Treatment Division. She’s been with Wastewater for a little over 5 years but within […]

How Lean Six Sigma Reduced Travel Expense Approval Time by 94% in King County

King County streamlines the travel expense process with Eunjoo Greenhouse, the Deputy Director of the Finance and Business Operations Division (FBOD). Valerie Ceban, a Budget Analyst for the Department of Information Technology, wanted to help too as she oversaw the lengthy travel approval process and wanted a good project to pursue her Green Belt Certification. Initial […]

Reducing Wastewater Division Procurement Lead Time by 20 Days in King County

Kara Cuzzetto is a Lean Specialist at King County and previously worked in Healthcare where she became Lean certified. The Wastewater Division process for Procurement Contracts took over 300 days to complete and team members didn’t fully understand the entire process. The team performed a Gemba Walk, created a Process Map which allowed them to understand the whole […]

Reducing Position Eligibility Review Time by 30% with Kimberly Fleming

Kimberly Fleming works for the Retirement Team at King County in the state of Washington. The Position Eligibility Worksheet was a huge pain point for everyone involved in the Retirement Position Eligibility program. The team was tasked with creating value stream maps of processes within their department to identify waste. After reviewing the form with the 8 Wastes in mind, […]