National Institutes for Food and Drug Control Use Statistics to Safeguard China’s Nearly 1.5 Billion Citizens

The National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) are finding efficient and effective ways on a national level to test the quality and safety of China’s food and medical products at various stages of the product life cycle. NIFDC scientists use statistical methods in JMP® to make more scientific, data-driven regulatory decisions to guarantee […]

Saving Endangered Species with Footprint Analysis

Dr. Sky Alibhai and Dr. Zoe Jewell, who are running a non-profit conservation organization WildTrack, put their dedication into monitoring and studying endangered animals. They learned quickly from locals how to track footprints of rhinos. This led to the creation of an algorithm of endangered species footprints. Using JMP software allows them to estimate the […]

San Diego Zoo Scientists Bring Ecosystems Back to Stave Off Extinctions

In the fight against extinction, conservation scientists must assess hundreds of complex ecological and behavioral variables to gain essential insight into habitat attrition and population dynamics.  Use JMP® to run multiple survival analyses and build statistical models that help researchers to identify the best adaptive management strategy for at-risk species. Several formerly declining species are now […]

Strategic Experimentation Helps Engineer Road Safety Improvements

Maryam Zahabi, an industrial engineer at North Carolina State University, uses JMP® to analyze designed experiments that gauge the effects of on-road signage and in-vehicle technologies on driver attention allocation among both civilian drivers and police officers. Visual stimuli both from inside and outside a vehicle are responsible for hundreds of distracted driving deaths each year. […]

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