Talent Acquisition Team Uses QDIP Board to Improve Job Application Processing

At the Nebraska State Personnel, the Talent Acquisition Team setup a visual management board to track errors (Quality), filling temp resources time (Delivery), daily application WIP (Inventory) and daily applications reviewed (Productivity), called a QDIP board. The daily review of these metrics helped reduce the number of daily applications from 800 applications down to around […]

Brevard County Using Lean Six Sigma to Create a Better Tomorrow

Since October 2015, Brevard County (Florida) Government has worked on institutionalizing Lean Six Sigma as a way to help create a better tomorrow. Leading the Lean Six Sigma initiatives out of the County Manager’s Office is Special Projects Coordinator Katherine Wall.  Lean Six Sigma successes to date include: The Development Application Process: Successfully reduced site plan […]

SFMTA Transit Improves the Examination Process for Operator Candidates

The Transit Operator Exam administration process at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was labor intensive, time-consuming, error-prone, and created duplicative work. Delays in exam administration result in longer hiring times, which can contribute to unfilled Transit Operator training classes which can lead to not meeting their planned service hour targets, resulting in transit […]

Department of Administrative Service Finds Intangible Benefits of Lean

Commissioner Melody Currey explains the functions of the Department of Administrative Services, and how they started their lean journey. Her previous experience at the Department of Transportation (DOT) was valuable to selling the program to the staff. She shares how it brings people together to understand how their whole process works, and how they can […]