Performance Improvement Journeyman; from manufacturing to government and nonprofits

by Brion Hurley Kieran Mohammed started his Lean Six Sigma journey as an operations manager in manufacturing. His early years taught him how performance success relies on the development of and collaboration with people. Along with his experience as a performance improvement consultant and program analyst in government, he has tailored his own unique approach […]

D.C. DHS Increases Access to SNAP and Medicaid Programs

The Government of the District of Columbia’s Department of Human Services (DHS) selected Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) to help design, develop, and deploy new practices for its human services programs in an effort to realize process efficiencies in its operations, as well as improve accuracy. C!A assessed DHS’ existing practices and redesigned the process solutions, while […]

Lean helps governments become more effective and efficient

Applying lean to government is a movement in its early stages. Lean thinking applied to public service processes can help deliver more value to customers, namely citizens. Lean management makes work processes better so government becomes more effective and efficient. That means government should engage all public servants in lean thinking and practice to tap their creativity […]

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