The Lean Journey at The Lighthouse for the Blind – Gemba Academy

The true power of continuous improvement lies in its ability to help people reach their full potential. In this course, we visit The Lighthouse for the Blind, an extraordinary organization that provides employment opportunities for individuals who are blind, deaf, DeafBlind, and/or have other disabilities. With prestigious clients like Boeing, NASA, and the United States […]

Transforming Your Community Using Lean, Adaptive Problem Solving, and Generativity with Jason Schulist – Webinar with Gemba Academy

Jason Schulist is the President of the Generative Local Community Institute (GLCI). In this webinar, he describes lean methods and approaches that can be used to address the thorniest community problems. He also discusses the concept of the Value Stream of Humanity, continuous improvement, adaptive problem solving, community problem solving, generativity, lean, and project management. […]

Using Lean to Facilitate Social Change – Gemba Academy Interview with Jason Schulist

Jason Schulist is President of Generative Local Community Institute (GLCI), an organization that connects communities so they can better address social issues like homelessness. Jason shared how continuous improvement factors into this important line of work. In this podcast you’ll learn: The quote that inspires Jason Jason’s background, specifically in social change About value streams […]

Lean in New Hampshire – Gemba Academy Interview with Heather Barto and Tommy Lencki Jr.

In this Gemba Academy podcast, Heather Barto and Sergeant Tommy Lencki Jr. discuss their involvement in the state’s continuous improvement initiatives within the State of New Hampshire. Examples include Department of Motor Vehicles, Police Officer Readiness, ensuring lean training success, and building a culture of lean. Listen to the entire podcast at:

How to Apply Lean to Colorado Department of Transportation – Gemba Academy Interview with Gary Vansuch, Michelle Malloy, and Geneva Hooten

Staff at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)  share how their Process Improvement program came to be, how it has changed, and some of the challenges they’ve faced. This episode covers the following topics: Their backgrounds (1:29) Their journeys with CDOT (3:20) Their approach (7:43) Facing resistance (9:20) Change management (10:46) Making it happen (15:42) […]