Colorado DOT Shares Concept to Project (C2P) Improvement System

At the 2020 Colorado Lean Network virtual conference, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) discussed their Concept to Project (C2P) approach. They first assessed the current state of CDOT projects, and found over 200 projects, most without project charters or business cases. They started by establishing a project charter template, vetting process and funding process. […]

How to Apply Lean to Colorado Department of Transportation – Gemba Academy Interview with Gary Vansuch, Michelle Malloy, and Geneva Hooten

Staff at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)  share how their Process Improvement program came to be, how it has changed, and some of the challenges they’ve faced. This episode covers the following topics: Their backgrounds (1:29) Their journeys with CDOT (3:20) Their approach (7:43) Facing resistance (9:20) Change management (10:46) Making it happen (15:42) […]

Lean Everyday Innovations & Ideas from Colorado DOT

At CDOT, the vision for Lean is: “everyone, every day, improving every process and every product, to benefit every customer.” Lean improvements include large, cross-functional process improvements as well as smaller, work-group and individual efforts. Ultimately, all employees are encouraged to improve how they do their work. All innovation and idea efforts add value. Find […]