Reducing Late Approvals by 81% at UC Davis

Kymberly Epperson and Darlene Schlueter set out to streamline the food event registration process at UC San Diego to ensure campus compliance, food safety and higher customer satisfaction. After research, Kymberly and Darlene found: Users reporting the online registration system to be complex and burdensome, impacting the customer experience. Big dining events, or barbecues are required […]

National Institutes for Food and Drug Control Use Statistics to Safeguard China’s Nearly 1.5 Billion Citizens

The National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) are finding efficient and effective ways on a national level to test the quality and safety of China’s food and medical products at various stages of the product life cycle. NIFDC scientists use statistical methods in JMP® to make more scientific, data-driven regulatory decisions to guarantee […]