Lean in New Hampshire – Gemba Academy Interview with Heather Barto and Tommy Lencki Jr.

In this Gemba Academy podcast, Heather Barto and Sergeant Tommy Lencki Jr. discuss their involvement in the state’s continuous improvement initiatives within the State of New Hampshire. Examples include Department of Motor Vehicles, Police Officer Readiness, ensuring lean training success, and building a culture of lean. Listen to the entire podcast at: https://blog.gembaacademy.com/2019/01/24/ga-251-lean-in-new-hampshire-with-heather-barto-and-tommy-lencki-jr/

21st Century Dept of Motor Vehicles in State of Connecticut – Gemba Academy

The State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shares some lean improvements at the 2016 Lean Showcase with Gemba Academy. Johnnine Dominique and Cindy Zuerblis summarize the work done over the past 6 years to modernize operations and move services online (taxes, dealer registration, suspension fees, license appointments) to reduce waiting time and transportation. […]

Denver’s Peak Performance Program results in improved customer service and millions in savings

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s “Peak Performance” effort he launched in his first year in office has sought to improve the ways city employees could offer suggestions for giving better service to city residents. Using city employee-created ideas, some of the following improvements have been made to the City of Denver: Vehicle owners can renew or register […]