Interviews at the 2021 State of Nebraska Operational Excellence Summit with Patrick Adams – Lean Solutions Podcast

The state of Nebraska launched the Center of Operational Excellence in 2016 to change the culture in state government and train state teammates in Process Improvement. Since May 2016, the COE has facilitated 575 process improvement projects, saving over 630,000 of work that has led to being able to put more of a focus on […]

Nebraska DOT Right of Way uses Lean Six Sigma to Streamline Permitting

The Center of Operational Excellence helped the Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT) reduce the Right of Way Permitting process from 68 steps to 20 steps by eliminating the performance guarantee payment and reimbursement transactions for utilities, saving time, paper, shipping costs and labor. The results led to turnaround time of 2-3 weeks down to 5-10 […]

Nebraska DOT getting success with 5S

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT) Process Improvement recently shared a short video at their annual Project Managers conference on the success we have had with 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), especially in our District 2, South 108th St. Yard in Omaha. Overall, they’ve had pretty good success with the 5S program […]

Colorado DOT Successes from Everyday Lean

This video presentation shares the journey of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as they worked to achieve department goals using Lean methods across their 200+ offices. They also share success stories from their “Lean Everyday Ideas” program that is a key to their improvement efforts and culture change. They discuss the process of how […]

Improvement Success Stories from the State of Minnesota

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement (CI) measures its performance by tracking how much CI principles are embraced and used in the state of Minnesota government. This is captured through two primary metrics: attendance in CI training programs, and completion of CI projects and events.  Below are some of the problem-solving success stories they have […]

Lean Everyday Innovations & Ideas from Colorado DOT

At CDOT, the vision for Lean is: “everyone, every day, improving every process and every product, to benefit every customer.” Lean improvements include large, cross-functional process improvements as well as smaller, work-group and individual efforts. Ultimately, all employees are encouraged to improve how they do their work. All innovation and idea efforts add value. Find […]

21st Century Dept of Motor Vehicles in State of Connecticut – Gemba Academy

The State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shares some lean improvements at the 2016 Lean Showcase with Gemba Academy. Johnnine Dominique and Cindy Zuerblis summarize the work done over the past 6 years to modernize operations and move services online (taxes, dealer registration, suspension fees, license appointments) to reduce waiting time and transportation. […]