Big Data Helps Pennsylvania Prisons Assign Prisoners

A project was conducted with Industrial and Systems Engineers at Lehigh University and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. They were tasked with assigning inmates to various prison facilities. Professor Tamás Terlaky and two of his former students, Dr. Mohammad Shahabsafa and Anshul Sharma, talk with Michael Hughes about how considering all inmate needs upfront reduces […]

State of Nebraska Center of Operational Excellence highlights Lean Six Sigma Successes

Governor Pete Ricketts and the State of Nebraska’s Center of Operational Excellence (COE) highlighted recent examples of how the COE is improving the operations of state agencies. The COE serves as the hub that is working with state agencies to train state teammates on how to improve the operations of government, identify waste, and deliver better […]

Offender Personal Property Management Process Streamlined with Kaizen Event at Department of Corrections

Adrienne Allen and Elizabeth Rivera share their thoughts about a kaizen event they participated in with the Department of Corrections. When inmates are incarcerated, their personal property is collected and stored at each facility. Each facility works under the same policies, but implement it in different ways. They were looking to streamline the process using […]

Connecticut Parole Reviews Increased and More Timely After Kaizen Event

The Department of Corrections (DOC) wanted to streamline the parole release process and documentation packages. They had to coordinate between correctional facilities, treatment, custody, case workers, and office staff to improve consistency in the release process across facilities. Depending on which facility they were in and who the warden was, their ability to get released […]

Department of Corrections Offender Identification Process Reduces Errors

Processing an offender in the State of Connecticut from intake, booking, recording, transferring, procurement through discharge was filled with numerous errors and potential risks. A kaizen event team was put together a process map to visualize the waste and opportunities. They identified a future and ideal state. Actions include collaboration with Department of Motor Vehicles […]