City of El Paso Improves Asphalt Repairs

The City of El Paso set out to improve their asphalt repair service and reduce their pothole repair time. The way the process for asphalt repairs was being performed was inconsistent, affecting costs and public service. A team used the Lean Six Sigma process to identify important opportunities: Mobilization – make travel time more efficient Data […]

Lean Six Sigma project aims to reverse trend of growing expenditures on communications services in El Paso

The City of El Paso is set to save $570,000 from an employee-led Lean Six Sigma project related to processes for initiating and terminating phone and Internet services for city staff. The project aims to leverage and expand the use of current and new technology to reduce inefficiencies and improve communications. The following process improvements […]

El Paso, Texas to Expand Lean Six Sigma Training

 El Paso City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez, proposed a budget that allocated $50,000 for Lean Six Sigma training. He said, “When it comes to government efficiency, there are multitudes of skeptics and naysayers. However, streamlining operations, achieving cost savings and improving service are all within reach for any public-sector agency.” Pothole repairs were the public works department’s focus. […]