Increasing Audit Processing Throughput by Over 100%

Valle Del Sol is experiencing rapid growth while resources stay constant. This has led to late deliverables, changing standards and outdated reports. Internal medical charts do not meet external standards and have limited improvement. Voided claims, violations and monetary sanctions have increased. If this continues, compliance scores may decline and lead to additional loss in […]

Increasing Audit Processing Time by 68%

Due to the rapid growth of their organization, Lynne and her process improvement team sought to increase the work done in the amount of another person without being to be able to hire for said person. After initial research, Emmons found: The team was currently doing about 283 different deliverables – ranging from audits, licensing, meeting, […]

Lean Innovation within the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

In this podcast, Cholpon Rosengren, Director of Family Support at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, is interviewed about her Lean Innovation boot camp results. In this episode, they discuss: – How to effectively apply lean innovation within a non-profit and social impact context. – What mindset shifts occurred during our Lean Innovation bootcamp […]