Process Improvement in Education, Nonprofit and Government Sectors with Tracy O’Rourke

In the Lean Six Sigma for Good podcast, Tracy O’Rourke shares her background with over 20 years of process improvement experience, working with nonprofits, government, education, military and the for-profit sector. She teaches Lean and Six Sigma at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD), is the co-host of the podcast and video series, Just-in-Time Cafe, and is […]

A Non-Profit Lean Startup: The Story of Adopt-a-Pet

David Meyer founded (formerly in 2000 as a way of ending pet overpopulation. Today it’s North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, with millions of visitors to the site each month and partnerships with more than 17,000 animal shelters, pet rescue groups, humane societies and shelters. Around this time Abbie Moore was introduced to […]

Loudoun County Animal Shelter Makes the Pet Adoption Process more Efficient

The Loudoun County Animal Shelter in Virginia had a significant increase in the number of dog licenses purchased as a direct result from legislation passed requiring veterinarians to submit vaccination certificates to their locality. Their process for pet adoptions had become bogged down and the front counter staff were feeling overwhelmed. An employee that had […]

Denver Innovations in Animal Protection

For many years, Animal Protection Officers have developed a reputation as dog catchers. Thanks to children’s movies and folklore, residents view Animal Protection Officers with skepticism, perceiving their sole mission to be confiscating dogs and ticketing owners. The Denver Animal Shelter was on a mission to changing that perception and foster more positive interactions with […]

Reducing Euthanasia Rate by 30% in New Orleans Animal Shelter Using Baldrige Criteria

Working with Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (JPAS) shelter staff, students from Loyola University New Orleans designed a month-long pilot to improve the process of selecting homeless dogs for euthanasia, finding caring homes for 60 dogs who otherwise would have been put to sleep. The Lean “5S” concepts were applied to reducing the time for potential […]