Performance Improvement Journeyman; from manufacturing to government and nonprofits

by Brion Hurley Kieran Mohammed started his Lean Six Sigma journey as an operations manager in manufacturing. His early years taught him how performance success relies on the development of and collaboration with people. Along with his experience as a performance improvement consultant and program analyst in government, he has tailored his own unique approach […]

Improving Grant Submission Cycle Time by an Entire Week at Cape Cod Child Development – GoLeanSixSigma

Cape Cod Child Development in Cape Cod, MA is a trailblazer in applying Lean Six Sigma to the nonprofit world. Grants are being completed 90 percent of the time within 24 hours of the due date, giving the grant writer minimal time to review. This impacts the efficiencies within the process which could potentially result in […]

Increasing Audit Processing Time by 68%

Due to the rapid growth of their organization, Lynne and her process improvement team sought to increase the work done in the amount of another person without being to be able to hire for said person. After initial research, Emmons found: The team was currently doing about 283 different deliverables – ranging from audits, licensing, meeting, […]