Tacoma Public Schools Reduces New Employee Setup Time by 80%

In the state of Washington, Tacoma Public Schools is striving to improve the education they provide to their children by:

  • reducing waste
  • streamlining processes
  • building a culture of problem-solvers

The staff received Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma concepts in real world applications and complete improvement projects that make an impact.

The online Lean Six Sigma courses paired with Group Reviews empowered Tacoma Public Schools to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma by providing:

  • Flexible timing to complete the modules
  • Fun, practical examples to learn concepts
  • Creating a schedule to complete learning tasks and activities
  • Creating a team environment to learn
  • Hearing about project progress from others in the group
  • Having the guidance of an expert to answer questions and provide coaching

Read the entire article and/or watch the video below at https://goleansixsigma.com/case-study-tacoma-public-schools-transforming-childrens-education/